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I am a professional, trained and experienced  massage therapist. I lived and trained in Poland, but now I am based in Canterbury. The therapeutic massage carefully given to my clients applies my experience and skills using variety of techniques dedicated to various therapies and health conditions. I am also fully trained (with The Polish Association) in Complex Anti-Oedema Therapy, which is effective for a variety of conditions where swelling is a problem.

My main task is to detox the body, improve immune system, which is responsible for fighting infections of viruses, bacteria and the fight against foreign tissues and tumors. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is one that allows You to cleanse the body of toxins, improve Your immune system and most importantly is a key therapy after mastectomy and the problems associated with swelling (oedema), for example following surgery.
The anti-oedema therapy after mastectomy in addition to the lymphatic drainage of the affected parties shall bandaging and exercises to improve mobility.
Another therapy that I use is therapeutic massage therapy combined with manual therapy trigger points. This treatment gives a rapid reduction of muscle tension, release pressure on the nerves by increasing blood circulation in the place of pain, oxygen and release toxins. Massage is used for muscular pain, the pain of the spine, joints, the pain of migraine, in sciatica and many other diseases of the muscular system.
If you have any conditions you wish to discuss to explore which treatment may best suit your own situation, simply give me a call. I am happy to have a short, friendly no obligation chat with you. 

Generally I do mobile massages but you can find me also at

                 the Manor Barn, Cockering Road, Canterbury, CT1 3UR



Please note that I am qualified, experienced professional and I conduct genuine healing therapies. There is nothing remotely sexual!

Canterbury, United Kingdom